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7-Day Kick Start Your Meditation Program


A step-by-step guided journey to integrate meditation in your life


What makes this program different?

business photos med05 I am a white woman who was brought up in a Tibetan Buddhist community. Unlike most Western meditation teachers who came to meditation as adults, this stuff runs through my blood and is imprinted in my bones.

I also used to work as a psychotherapist, and I bring therapeutic wisdom through this program.

My approach is especially effective for Western people with our unique challenges, such as anxiety, depression, and trauma, as well as our difficulties with focus and self-discipline.


metteMy hope going into the Kick Start program was to come closer to living my potential in my work and personal life journeys. Through taking this program, I learned there is an enormous deeper part of myself yet to be discovered. I have learned a sense of surrendering, not completely but started. It was a good experience and I feel I have started something special… Looking forward to the continued journey!

Mette Keating, Principal & Creative Director of Mette Designs Inc.
Toronto, ON

emma-katemillarI took the Kick Start program hoping to reduce my level of stress or anxiety. I hoped to learn some skills to develop my meditation practise and improve my ability to focus. Through doing the program I learned how much my focus has suffered since I opened my business. Social media also has had a major effect on my ability for quiet reflection and focus. The most important thing I’ve learned is that I need to make myself more of a priority and that taking time to meditate is not wasteful. I also need a lot of practise!

Emma-Kate Millar, Owner of Body Mason Pilates Studio
Toronto, ON Canada

0cf4d44I LOVED the experience and it helped me jumpstart back into meditation. I am back to doing my former meditation routine, thanks to you. And the timing of your meditation couldn’t have been better. I ended up having a crazy stressful December that included a partial audit from CRA, the uncertainty of a contract with a key client (all good now), and an inordinate amount of travel…the meditation helped keep me grounded. Thank you!

Amy S. D’Aprix, MSW, PhD
Co-Founder Essential Conversations Project
Toronto, ON


My method broken down into 7 clear steps


Day 1: Welcome and beginning your journey

  • Learn about the monkey in your mind and how meditation tames it
  • Learn how meditation clears your mind so you can focus
  • Learn how to shift gears from being busy to sitting quietly and meditating
  • Get organized for the 7-day journey

Day 2: The power of creating your intention

  • Understand why intention is the foundation of powerful meditation
  • Go through an exercise to identify your intention

Day 3: Learn to meditate!

  • Be led through the full breath-based meditation technique and we’ll give it a try together!

Day 4: Create your meditation location

  • Learn how to identify your ideal place to meditate so you will feel at ease and empowered to connect with meditation

Day 5: Identify your ideal meditation time and be introduced to using a practice log

  • Learn why having a regular meditation time is helpful
  • Do an exercise to determine your best time of day to meditate
  • Learn about the importance of having a meditation practice log
  • Start to use the Heroic Leadership Meditation Log provided with this program

Day 6: Start to explore meditation community

  • Learn why community is so important to establishing a strong regular meditation practice
  • Receive tips for how to locate a meditation community
  • Connect with others who are doing the 7-Day Meditation Kick Start Program

Day 7: Going deeper… making a good relationship with your meditation

  • Go through an exercise to envision what a deep relationship with your meditation will look and feel like
  • Understand some of the major reasons people find meditation hard to do (the #1 reason is anxiety!)
  • Receive strategies for dealing with these challenges


How the program works:

  1. I will guide you through a gentle process to prepare you to get the most out of this program
  2. Then for 7 days you will receive one email lesson a day, guiding you through the 7 steps of this journey. Each daily lesson will include a short audio and a supplementary resource (either a reading or a link to a video of a meditation master)
  3. After the 7-day program, I lead you in a 21-day meditation challenge to establish a new meditation habit. The challenge is to meditate for 10 minutes a day for 21 days. Research shows it takes 21 days to establish a new habit, so this last component is important for establishing a solid daily meditation routine!


I’m really appreciating the easy steps and gradual build of the program. I think in the past I felt like I had to do it all at once. The structure and consideration put into this program is really amazing Andrea, I really want to thank you!
Dr. Derek Cain, Owner of Integrate Chiropractic
Toronto, ON Canada

Jill-Moriarty-creative-conflict-managementI’m meditating every day and it’s actually working much better than it ever has before – I suspect a combination of your good preparation guidance and my being in a space that’s really ready to work in this way. I especially LOVE the meditation altar.  To me, bringing out my alter really sets the space – both internally and externally.  Thank you for that.

Jill Moriarty
Toronto, ON Canada

You thought of everything, Andrea, the supplemental videos, articles, the ready-made meditation log. Your support for my journey is so tangible. Thank you for making meditation so manageable and accessible.
Jay Miller, President of Jay Miller Voice and Speech
Toronto, ON Canada




Life is complicated!

As we take on more roles and added responsibilities as parents, caregivers, community members, and as people who genuinely care about the people in our lives, we can tend to extend ourselves until we are spread thin, like a tightly stretched rubber band!

And have you noticed that in our increasingly complex world, relationships have been getting messier? When we lose connection with ourself and our sense of inner goodness, and life starts spinning out of control, if we are honest, we can admit that we start doing things that contribute to making those messes.

In fact, it goes back even before that. If our MIND spins out of control, then everything is going to look topsy turvy. When we are in a topsy turvy state we tend to make poor decisions, and we create a life that is spinning out of control.

The solution for managing reactivity isn’t new

We have all heard about meditation and how powerful a method it is to calm the mind. Think about it… with a calmer mind, you can be more steady, proactive and even compassionate in dealing with what life throws at you.

We all know that life throws us curve balls… sometimes big ones

And it only make sense that a calm mind deals better with life’s inevitable shake ups. Meditating regularly is like building in a shock absorber to go through the bumps of life more easily – without jarring us and sending us into a defensive contractive mode. Wouldn’t that be a big help for leading a more stable and open-hearted life?

What about relationships?

If you are dealing with relationships from a reactive place, you may snap at people, make snap decisions, and disrupt the loving environment that relationships need to grow. Meditation is a way of working with your mind, to calm it, and you will begin to feel a comfortable buffer zone around you when you are dealing with people in difficult situations. That comfort zone makes it easier to make proactive decisions and create the joyful and loving relationships you want! Doesn’t this sound like a practical way to create more love in your life?

The most powerful tool for personal boundaries!

Meditation empowers you to have better boundaries and deal better with conflict. By getting synchronized within yourself, you are able to hear your inner warning bells early in the game and deal proactively when those warning bells go off. This allows you to set good boundaries –> honour that line yourself, and then communicate to others where you are drawing the line! Doesn’t it sound great to have better boundaries so you can enjoy better relationships?

The key point is

Meditation helps you feel better



Do you want to feel better?

Start today.



Invest in Your Peace of Mind for just $97.00

Note: 10% of your purchase will be donated
to the education of nuns and monks at Namdroling Monastery.
Read below about why the Kick Start program is funding their education.


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Andrea M. Winn, MEd, is a modern day contemplative mystic. She was brought up in a Tibetan Buddhist community and has been meditating for over 40 years. She joins her meditation background, traditional business training, and a Masters of Education in Counselling Psychology in a unique synergistic coaching approach with business leaders called, Heroic Leadership Coaching. You can learn more about Andrea and her story of becoming a Heroic Leadership Coach on her website.


Why I am supporting the education of nuns and monks at Namdroling Monastery

Namdroling is located in the Mysore District of Karnataka State in Southern India. His Holiness Penor Rinpoche established it in 1963 with a strong vision for establishing an educational institution that would provide extensive service world-wide. The vision for this school is now fully established, including a full program of education for nuns!

Monks and nuns can enrol in an intensive 21-year program, and become fully educated and ready to teach all levels of meditation. The meditation I teach in the Kick Start program is very basic, and provides the foundation for doing more advanced meditations. These monks and nuns can teach at that advanced level. Namdroling provides in-depth training, and there is nothing like this in North America.

I have had the great fortune to connect with three monks trained at Namdroling. My friend, Lama Pasang, is a noble monk with a beautiful voice, who is sought after as a chant leader for major Buddhist events. He emanates friendliness, cheerfulness, and wisdom in all circumstances.

More importantly, my own meditation practice is inspired and guided by two teachers from Namdroling: Khenpo Tenzin Norgay gave me the formal initiation for a meditation practice to connect with the enlightened mind of Yeshe Tsogyal, an 8th century female Buddhist saint. If you are not familiar with her, I recommend you check her out through Google! I now receive on-going instruction in this practice from Tulku Dawa, who runs a meditation center in Toronto. Both of these teachers possess an uncommon depth of skill, knowledge and compassion. And they are amazingly patient, a quality that we Western students often need a lot of!

By providing funding for the continuing education of monastic teachers like these three, Namdroling will be able to send over more and more teachers to America to teach meditation and help us to live better within the challenges of North American society.

Meditation is simple, but extremely difficult at the same time! It takes years of in depth training, both in study and practice, to become a master at it. It is worth our while to support this in depth training so we, and the generations after us, will have continued access to this important resource of guidance.
This is so important in the complex and rapidly changing world today!

Thank you for contributing to this on-going education through the purchase of your Kick Start Program!